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Terms & Conditions


  1. A non-refundable £19 deposit is mandatory for every job. If the job is cancelled within 24 hours or wrong device information is provided, the deposit is not returned.
  2. Any unclaimed devices at Device Doctors will be recycled after a 60 day period.
  3. By providing information in our forms, you consent to Device Doctors using and storing this information for service purposes and for future offers.
  4. You are responsible for any data loss. We strongly recommend backing up your device before getting it serviced.
  5. Our technicians might see your data during their work, but they will not intentionally browse through your private information. We recommend removing any sensitive data prior to service.
  6. If the manufacturer warranties are voided due to our repairs or support, Device Doctors does not take any liability or warranty responsibility for this.


  1. By agreeing to a repair, you authorise Device Doctors technicians to perform work on your device.
  2. Our services may void the manufacturer’s warranty. We do offer our own warranty on parts and services, excluding damage from accidents like cracked glass or water exposure. See our warranty details here.
  3. Password or pattern codes must be deactivated or provided for the repair else the work may not be able to be carried out or you may not receive any warranty.
  4. Repair timelines are estimated and if there are delays, we will notify you. However, unforeseen complications might extend repair times.
  5. In the event that Device Doctors conducts diagnostic or repair services, and it is determined that the best course of action is to not proceed with the repair, please be aware that we are not responsible for any damages that may occur in the course of diagnosing or attempting to repair the initial issue.


  1. Our support sessions are charged by the hour, not per issue. Based on your description, we will estimate the required time. If issues persist beyond this time, additional sessions will be needed and charged accordingly.
  2. Extra time needed for troubleshooting or finding passwords, due to incorrect or incomplete information provided by you, will be charged.