Covid-19 Update – We are open.

We understand that having a working phone / tablet is very important at this time both for keeping in touch with loved ones and for key workers.

This is how we are staying open and keeping our customers safe:

1) We leave a cleaned box on your doorstep
2) You then put your device in the box
3) We will then collect the box
4) Clean your device and the box
5) Repair your device
6) Clean your device and the box again
7) Put the device in the box back on your doorstep
8) You can then collect your device from the box.

*If you have any other mobile’s/tablets in the house you would like cleaned while we are there, we will do so free of charge.

We are offering a key worker discount, with preferential slots, so no matter when you get the chance we can be there!

Stay Safe during this difficult time.

Repairs that come to you:

Whether your at home, at work, or on holiday we will come to you and fix on site.

One Hour Fixes

We will have you up and running within an hour of our arrival.

12 Month Warranty

We believe in the work we do and want you to as well. 12 month warranty comes as standard with all repairs.

Top Quality

Only the best is okay for our customers, we use the highest quality parts to make sure you have no issues in the future.

Our services

Phone & Tablet Repairs

Anyone out there with a broken phone or tablet? We can help, and we have been for years! Our aim, high quality repairs at an affordable price.

Computer Repairs

Not to be big headed, but if you have a problem with your Mac or PC we can fix it. With years of experience our team will get you back browsing in no time.

Technical Support (We come to you)

We all struggle from time to time with technology, don’t stress it! We provide top quality, friendly support in the home and workplace. Just give us a call.

Other Services

In addition to our 3 main services we can also provide:
Website Design
Custom PC Building
And phone recycling (Sell to and buy from us)

We’ve changed our name… and quite a lot else.

We now have a new name, Device Doctors, and with it comes a change that is going to take all the stress out of getting your devices repaired… our van.

Our van is kitted out with a work bench, tools and power so that we can repair your device on site, no need for you to make the frustrating trip to the repair shop, we bring it to you. Don’t worry, its still the same high quality service we offered with Tom’s Computers.

We can also be booked for an hours slot of computer support helping you get to grips with your gadgets. Click here to give it a try!

Devices Repaired
Tech Support hours given
Valued Customers
Miles Driven in Van

What our clients say

Fantastic service from Tom. I’m definitely using him in future.

Mark Groves

Great service. Excellent value. Honest and fair. Would definitely use again.

Angela Barber

Thanks Tom phone works great thanks for quick repair too recommended.

Mark Hayler

Very good service. Tom recently fixed my children’s iPad mini screen. As good as new in 24 hours. Highly recommend and will use again.

Stephanie McKenzie-Orr
I recently came across “Tom’s Computers” Facebook page and decided to message him to see if it would be possible to repair my iPad screen.  I was pleasantly surprised by the swift response I received from Tom and I was particularly pleased with the price he quoted.
I delivered my iPad to Tom the next day.  He runs his business from home, which was easy to find with plenty of space to park.  Tom was extremely courteous and he confirmed how long the repair would take.  A couple of days later I was delighted to hear that he had exceeded my expectations and the item was ready earlier than originally promised. 
Collecting the iPad was as quick and easy as delivering it and I’m thrilled to say it works perfectly – it’s as good as new. 
My overall experience using “Tom’s Computers” was truly positive.  I highly recommend his efficient service. 
Christina Peterson

Thomas is Legit just fixed my phone in 15mins very polite and professional manner highly recommend better than any shop by far.

Lee Fast

I recently got in touch with Tom regarding my iPad after discussing problem/price he went ahead of repairs every step of the way he kept in about the progress after an unexpected complication Tom resolved the issue with utter care and professionalism! I would have no problem with recommending him to my family/friends.

Michelle Murphy

I came across Tom’s Computers on Facebook quite by chance. Three years ago my son had given me an HP Office Jet Printer for Christmas which he was assured was compatible with my iPad. He tried to instal it and failed, followed by my daughter and grandson but we could not get it to print. I had a half-hearted attempt too but nothing worked and so the printer was consigned to the “I will deal with this later “pile gathering dust! A few months ago when my partner was having trouble with his IMAC we employed someone to sort that out and also to look at my printer. He got it to print from his iPhone, gave me a complicated list of instructions and departed. Needless to say all attempts to print after that failed miserably. I had previously used Tom to put a new screen on my phone. Initially, I was worried that he seemed so young to be tackling things like this, but I was reassured by his complete professionalism and obvious knowledge. So I called him in to look at my printer which, if he could not sort it out, was going to be dumped. I could not bear to look at it any more and was thoroughly fed up with the whole business. In came Tom like a breath of fresh air, reviewed the situation, and began work. Within an hour I was able to print having had the printer heads cleaned and aligned as well. The complicated list of instructions were thrown away and all I had to do was tap the print button. Not only that he installed WORD for me, updated my iPad, solved my lack of storage space all the while remaining calm and confident. He is a thoroughly trustworthy young man who is extremely knowledgeable and not “big headed” nor does he talk down to you. If he does not know something then he finds out what he needs to know and completes the work asked for. I highly recommend him to you.

Liz Smith

Award winning.

Tom Orchard of Device Doctors is honoured to be the winner of Young Start-Up Talent Chichester 2017. Young Start-Up Talent is an initiative set all over the UK to grow and inspire young entrepreneurs. Tom, had the privilege of taking part and winning the process in 2017. Be sure to check out the website and apply. Click here to find out more.

Proud Sponsors

Device Doctors are proud to be the sponsors of East Dean FC, be sure to go down and check them out. Click here to find out more.

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