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Laptop Repair, Upgrades & Support in Ferring

An honest and reliable solution to laptop repair in Ferring – upgrades and support too! Device Doctors come to you to get your Mac, Laptop or PC up and running again. Whatever your issue we make sure our service is:
Top Quality

We come to you

We will attempt to repair your laptop at your home in Ferring, if we cant do it there well pick it up and drop it off within a few days.

Top-Quality Service

Device Doctors technicians are fully trained, friendly and sort issues efficiently.

12 Month Warranty

Device Doctors back up every repair and upgrade we carry out in Ferring with a 12 Month warranty.

So what do customers say about Device Doctors Computer repair Ferring:

What a fantastic service! Whole repair took just over an hour and was done in a van in the driveway. They handed the phone back to me and it was like it was brand new! No marks or scratches anywhere! So pleased with this 🙂
Carole CaroleB
Carole CaroleB
Thank you Device Doctors! Started with your article reminding us all that we need to keep updated and secure ... my PC was 9yrs old, wouldn't upgrade to Windows 11 (10 obsolete in a few years) and soooo slow! Most of transferring to my new laptop worked fine, but Outlook did not want to communicate with my provider (TalkTalk, despite it's reputation I have been extremely happy with) Graham worked through the issue and I now have a whizzy machine up and running. Thank you guys!
Karen Hill
Karen Hill
Really pleased with service received. My ipad screen was badly broken but they were able to fix it. Very polite and reasonable price.
Always found the team helpful and competitive.
ryan mccann
ryan mccann
A tricky job with some parts that wouldn’t play ball first time around. The team at Device Doctors came back out and wouldn’t let up until my IPhone 12pro was functioning fully. Customer service & after care is spot on!
Paul Hashmi
Paul Hashmi
I Highly recommend these guys. they came along and fixed my sons IPad pro 12.9 inch, that was nearly folded over. They where professional and got the job done in a reasonable amount of time for the job at hand. I was slightly dubious when calling that they asked for a deposit and they where a mobile service but the guy that took the booking waved the deposit on the understanding that I would be going ahead with the work. Great company and will use them again. Buy with confidence.
Incredible service, very informative and polite people, absolutely no nonsense. Well worth the money as they use only the best quality parts. Couldn’t recommend any higher.
cesar vasquez
cesar vasquez
Absolutely brilliant service. They are very fast and reliable. 100% will come back here If I have any issues with my electronics in the future
Dana Fisher
Dana Fisher
Provided an excellent service, above and beyond. Thank you from all of Us at Applecarte Distribution for making our tech a little more useable! Excellent service.

Device Doctors Laptop repair-
Why do our Ferring based customers choose us?

Device Doctors bring computer repairs and upgrades straight to your home or workplace.
We will fix or upgrade your computer in the back of our fully kitted out vans, or take it back to the office and return it shortly, we are trained specialists for Windows and Apple issues.

When doing repairs we only use the best quality parts which we back up with a 12-month warranty. Our technicians are fully trained to offer top notch support too, making sure your problem is sorted completely, and quickly!

laptop repair ferring
Some of the common components we change in laptops RAM + SSD.

What services do we commonly offer in our Laptop Repairs?

  • Speed Ups & Upgrades – By cleaning out your software and replacing hardware we can make your older machine run like a new one!
  • Battery Replacements – We can replace your battery with a high-quality part giving your device a new lease of life.
  • Virus & Malware Removal – Using specialist software we can remove any harmful programs from your computer.
  • Operating System Reinstall – We can reinstall your operating system to fix software issues and improve performance.
  • De-Dust and Thermal Repairs – We can service your computer improving performance and lifespan.
  • Screen Replacements – OEM or Genuine screen replacements for all makes of laptop, Mac and Chromebook.
  • Charging Port Replacements – Charging repairs and services using top quality parts for all makes.
  • Board Level Faults – Fixes for some of the most complicated internal faults on your device.
  • Data Recovery – Trained specialists in saving photos and documents from an otherwise fully broken computer.
  • Device Setup and Transfers – Help in setting up and transferring data from your old computer to a new one.
  • Upgrade advice and sales – Sales of new and refurbished computers with our signature 12-Month warranty.
  • Tuition and Support – We can send out one of our fully trained technicians to support you with your device or teach you more about it on site.

Our Other Services

Click on any of the below to find out more

Computer and Laptop – Repairs, Upgrades, Sales and Setup.

We are specialists in both Windows and Mac operating systems. Therefore we can repair or upgrade your computer or sell and help you to set up a new one.

Tech Support / Tuition in your home.

From dodgy printers to emails not working as they should sometimes your tech can go wrong. As a result, our fully trained technicians come out to your home to sort out any issues you may be having.

Business IT Support

We offer affordable outsourced IT support for businesses. Hence taking the worry away from your IT.

Phone and Tablet Repairs

Device Doctors bring phone and tablet repairs straight to your home or workplace. We fix your device in the back of our fully kitted out vans.

Device Sales

Being specialists in technology allows us to sell the very best devices, each device hand-tested and with our 12-month Device Doctors warranty.

Smart Homes & Security

Device Doctors offer the support and setup of both smart home devices and home security.

1 Repair = 1 Tree

Our climate change pledge

For each repair, with the help of Tree-Nation, we will be planting a tree called a Dalbergia sissoo or Indian Rosewood, in Nepal. These trees reach 20-30m tall and have a lifetime CO2 offset of over half a ton at 580KG. We will be planting as part of the Eden Projects, which began in 2015 and has a main focus on restoring forests in areas of critical importance and improving local livelihoods.

The cost of repair will not change as a result of this, we just want to make sure we are both offsetting our companies emissions and helping to make a difference!

Photo of Bhima Sharu, one of the nursery directors leading the plantation activities.