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Warranty Information

Standard Repair Warranty

All Repairs unless specified otherwise come with our Device Doctors 12 Month Warranty
Although rare this covers:

  1. Failure of the repair due to a part issue
  2. Failure of the repair due to a labour issue

It is important to mention that this warranty does not cover in any way:

  1. Accidental damage
  2. Other parts in the device failure at no fault of Device Doctors.
  3. Failure due to a non-OEM or Device Doctors approved company performing work before or after our repair attempt.

Your Warranty will become void if:

  1. You damage the replacement part
  2. You significantly damage other parts of the device, which could have an impact on the part
  3. You receive a repair from a non Device Doctors approved company.
  4. Your device has been or has been previously poorly repaired, water damaged.
  5. Your device has other parts that require replacement that could cause an issue with the replacement part (i.e. leaving a cracked rear glass with a new screen could allow the ingress of dirt which could cause the part to fail so no warranty can be offered.).