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iPad 9th Gen (iSilverSurfer)


Discover the perfect balance of performance and price with the Apple iPad 9th Gen (iSilverSurfer). Offering 64GB storage and the user-friendly iPadOS, this tablet is ideal for browsing, streaming, and more. Select a support package for in-home setup and learning support, tailored to your comfort level.



Detailed Description:

Welcome to our Apple iPad 9th Gen (iSilverSurfer), chosen specifically for customers seeking a reliable, durable, and value-packed tablet. In the tech industry, customers often end up with devices packed with features they don’t use. That’s why we selected the iPad 9th Gen – a device that’s just right, striking the perfect balance between features, performance, and price.

Key Features & Why We Chose Them:

  • 64GB Storage: With 64GB storage, you have ample room for apps, photos, and documents. The amount is just right for the needs of most users, without pushing the price up for unnecessary storage space.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Stay connected wherever you have WiFi, allowing you to browse, stream, and work with ease.
  • iPadOS: The Apple iPad 9th Gen runs iPadOS, renowned for its user-friendly interface, robust security, and extensive app library.

Support Packages:

Our support is carried out in your home, ensuring that everything works perfectly in the environment where you’ll use your iPad.

  • 1 Hour Support (£79): Our technicians will help set up your new iPad, configure your emails, and install the most essential apps. If you’re already comfortable using an iPad or exploring new devices, this might be the best choice for you.
  • 2 Hour Support (£149): This package includes everything in the 1-hour support, along with data transfer from your old device, and a brief walkthrough of the new iPadOS. This is our most popular package.
  • 3 Hour Support (£219): This comprehensive package is designed for customers who want a deep understanding of their new device. We provide all services from the 2-hour support with additional time to teach you the ins and outs of your new iPad.

The Apple iPad 9th Gen (iSilverSurfer) is not just a tablet; it’s an investment in smooth, efficient, and enjoyable computing, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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Support Package

No Support, 1 Hour Support, 2 Hour Support (Most Popular), 3 Hour Support


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