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Keeping your technology costs down in a cost-of-living crisis.


From rising fuel costs to ludicrous heating bills, this cost-of-living crisis is affecting us all. While there is some great advice out there on trying to reduce spending elsewhere, this month I thought I would give 2 of my key tips on keeping technology costs as low as possible.

Firstly, check those subscriptions! Make sure you check your iPhone, iPad or other device for ongoing monthly subscriptions that you may have forgotten. So many apps now require monthly payments to use or prevent being plagued by adverts and these costs can really add up. Check in settings and search “subscriptions” or check your bank statement!

Secondly, do you need to upgrade? We are told we need something new every year, with your tech becoming out of date the moment you walk out the shop. Sometimes our older computer or phone becomes slow, frustrating or gets a little broken, but does it need replacing? Maybe not! From years of supporting customers in the area, we know that older technology can often be upgraded and given a new lease of life at a fraction of the cost of buying new. If you do decide to buy new, why not get your old item refurbished to pass on to a friend or family member? The DeviceDoctors team and I can help with upgrades, sales or both, send us an email on or mention this article and I can even sort you a discount!

I hope this helped, I will be back in contact next month with more information!

Get in contact with me or the DeviceDoctors anytime.

Thanks a lot,
Tom Orchard (Director at DeviceDoctors)

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